A.K.A Blaze06h and sometimes also called Blaze06h is a inhabitant of Mars(currently), and the rightful founder of Earth and the co-creator of the universe.


Blaze06h created the universe along with God. Millions of centuries passed and they found that there was something missing. With this thought in mind, Blaze06h did a complex analysis of the constituents of the universe. After doing 8 billion pages of math, Blaze06h finally came up with the term known as "life". He co-operated with God to create life in different planets, but failed. Whenever they tried to create it, the living beings either died or got frozen. Blaze06h unsatisfied by the outcome of his brilliant theory kept roaming around the universe to find a planet that could support life. And then, my friends he found "Earth". It took him seven days to create everything on Earth. That includes you and you.


  • Blaze06h once ate a cookie, the cookie digested him.
  • The day Blaze06h was born is known as his birthday.
  • When you shoot bullets at Blaze06h, the bullets dodge him.
  • Earthquakes are nothing but the mere effects of sneezing from Mars by Blaze06h.
  • Blaze06h has a hompage.
  • If you are a homo sapien then Blaze06h is your friend.
    • Blaze06h is friends with even Chuck Norris.
  • Once, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Blaze06h... his foot broke.
  • All the facts written in this article is a cake.