Iamarepeater AKA Supreme Lord Weegee, the co-master of plants, creator of the universe and the magic master among plants. He currently lives on Venus.


He helped God to create the world. Iamarepeater was then tasked to create the Earth, which he did very easily.However, it took a million years to complete. He then realised that the Earth needed life and therefore sent for Blaze06h to make the Earth suitable to live on. With that done, Iamarepeater went to the Sun and that where he currently lives now, relaxing and enjoying the heat.


  • Iamarepeater is sometimes called Lamarepeater. Iamarepeater does not like that much though as it's irritates him a lot.
  • He shoots red, explosive peas, something you do not see in ordinary Peashooters and their variants.
  • If you click here, you can access Iamarepeater's webpage here .
  • Any magnetic fault which happens is when Iamarepeater burps. (Don't ask anyone how he could burp on the Sun)
    • Likewise, the Southern Lights is actually when Iamarepeater's snezees.
  • If you are a plantae, then even Iamarepeater is your best friend.
    • One of the many Weegee Clones is actually a plant disguised as a humanoid.
  • All of these facts above are verfied by this cake